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Questions and answers

Dear visitor!

You have the opportunity to ask questions about our business.

In order to speed up the response to your question, we kindly ask you to state your question clearly and in detail.

Issues not addressed:

  • Anonymous
  • Containing obscene language
  • Containing unreadable text and obscure abbreviations
  • Indicating a problem that is not within the competence of the person to whom the question is addressed

The appeal must not contain:

  • · information of an insulting nature, containing slander, defamatory information, other information damaging honor, dignity and business reputation, or used for defamation purposes.
  • · Information aimed at inciting social, racial, national, religious, class and tribal discord, inciting social, national, tribal, racial and religious enmity, insulting national honor and dignity or religious feelings of citizens, propaganda or agitation of social, racial, national, religious, class and tribal superiority, implying discrimination on grounds of origin, social, official and property status, sex, race, nationality, language, attitude to religion, beliefs, religion, religion or beliefs.

As a rule, processing of an appeal and preparation of an answer to the appeal takes certain time. In this connection, repeated (duplicate) appeals or appeals specifying the reason for not receiving an answer to previously submitted appeals cannot be considered.