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Information about the Institute

In 2020, by order of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the «Institute of Parliamentarism» of the Department of Material and Technical Support under the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established on the right of economic management.  The main goal of the Institute is to improve the quality of adopted laws.

The Institute assists deputies in exercising their right of legislative initiative, including scientific substantiation of the need to amend legislation, introduction of new norms, development of draft laws and, if necessary, preparation of financial and economic calculations, as well as development of forecasts of possible economic, social, legal and environmental consequences of the implementation of laws. Here, together with the deputy corps, the legislative norms alternative to the Government's versions are being worked out. This contributes to a more qualitative elaboration of the adopted laws.

It should be noted that today our country has entered a new stage of development associated with the transformation of the political system and the entire paradigm of state governance.

As part of the constitutional reform, the role of Parliament is being enhanced, its powers have been expanded, and the principles of the formation of both chambers have been improved. The parliamentary elections, which resulted in the formation of a new parliamentary corps, were the final stage of the reforms.

Under the new conditions, the Parliament's activity is being reformatted. The main criterion of the deputies' work efficiency is the initiation, development and adoption of laws aimed at solving urgent social and economic issues.

Deputies can draw ideas for legislative initiatives from meetings with the public, businesses, experts and scientists.

In this regard, the Institute of Parliamentarism under the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is also reviewing the goals and objectives of its activities, principles and approaches in its work.

The organizational structure of the Institute was renewed. Managers with extensive experience in lawmaking have joined the leadership of the organization. The staff and scientific potential of the Institute was strengthened.

The Head of State Kasym-Zhomart TOKAEV, speaking in July 2023 at the meeting of the national Kurultai "Әdiletti Kazakhstan - Adal Azamat" in Turkestan, drew attention to ensuring quality expert and analytical support of the state policy. The President emphasized that public sentiments, wishes and suggestions of citizens should be taken into account in the decision-making process. The effectiveness of public administration largely depends on the quality of analytical support. All this applies to legislative activity.

Therefore, the Institute of Parliamentarism should become a "bridge" between experts and the parliamentary corps, promote the involvement of experts, scientists, business representatives and industry associations in the development and discussion of draft laws.

The mission of the Institute of Parliamentarism: is to develop parliamentarism by strengthening the representative and legislative role of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ACTIVITIES: In order to realize its mission, the Institute of Parliamentarism carries out the following activities:

  • assistance in realisation by deputies of the right of legislative initiative, including scientific substantiation of the need to amend existing laws, introduction of new norms, development of the text of the draft law, financial and economic calculations, if the draft law provides for reduction of state revenues or increase in state expenditures, development of forecasts of possible economic, social, legal, environmental consequences of the law, providing statistical data, if available, as well as preparation of other materials required by the legislation for submission of the draft law to the Majilis of the Parliament;
  • study of legal problems of development of institutions of state power and local self-government;
  • study of legal ways to improve the efficiency of public administration;
  • determining the directions of development of legislative regulation of relations in the economic and social spheres;
  • analysis and preparation of proposals on optimization of legislative regulation of spheres of state and public life, mechanism of implementation of laws and legal monitoring;
  • analyzing the effectiveness of existing legislation, including information received from deputies on the results of their visits to the regions of the country;
  • conducting sociological and expert surveys in society in order to develop proposals for improving the current legislation in the branches and spheres of society's activity;
  • studying the formation and development of parliamentarism in the country, the prospects of its development;
  • study of the law-making process in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the activities of subjects involved in it in order to identify problems and gaps in the organization of this process and to develop scientifically sound recommendations for improving law-making work;
  • studying the experience of activity of parliaments of developed foreign countries in order to identify and introduce positive forms and methods of activity in the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • study of compliance of national legislation with international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • realization of comparative legal research of normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan with other states;
  • implementation of scientific relations, exchange of information and joint developments, conferences and meetings with domestic, foreign and international organizations and higher educational institutions, scientists and specialists.

The Institute of Parliamentarism interacts with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the Interdepartmental Commission on Legislative Activity.

Charter of the Republican State Enterprise on the Right of economic management «Institute of Parliamentarism» of the Department of Material and Technical Support